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Service Particulars $/month Details
Basic Bookkeeping & Reconciliation (up to 125 transactions) + Report production with once a month 60-minute meeting to explain reports
$75 flat ($0.4 per transaction in excess of 125 transactions)
Up to date financial data in appropriate categories which ensures that you know what decisions to take based on the financial trajectory of your business. In simple words, you'll understand where cash is coming in from and where it is going so you can manage it better for a better profit at year- end and in years to come. Reconciliation ensures that all transactions are recorded and that nothing is over or under recorded, once again leading to accurate financial data for optimal decision-making and bottom line.
Payroll services
$20 per month per employee
Making sure your employees are paid on time, so they don't have any morale and productivity issues due to this aspect of their working relationship.
Cost management / Pricing evaluation services
As per mutual discussion after a free 60-min consultation
We evaluate your offering for your customers to find ways to minimize costs and increase revenue. This will include assessment of key financial statements like cash flow statement, balance sheet and profit & loss.
Other accounting / financial services
As per mutual discussion after a free 60-min consultation
We also provide business process consulting and tech consulting to make your business processes more efficient, in order to save on costs and increase profits. Reach out and we'll come up with an action plan to optimize your business - an investment of your time today could lead to a great return!


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